For Australian investors looking for high return investments:

interest paid daily
Minimum Fixed returns
Earn 10%-17.5% ROI

Find out why so many aussies are flocking to digital asset mining.
...A product so good, it's almost unbelievable

ASIC & ATO Compliant
Clients Globally
Staff Members
Offices Worldwide

How we help you grow your wealth

...without putting you into debt

1. Fixed rate returns

Know ahead of time, exactly what you'll earn from your investment with our minimum fixed-rate returns.

2. Huge upside potential

Generate capital growth on top of your investment - past clients have made in excess of 100% per annum.

3. 100% Capital Refunded

At the end of your investment term, we'll refund you your entire initial capital investment.

4. Returns Paid Daily

Forget monthly or annual payouts. Check your account balance, transact or withdraw - anywhere, anytime.

5. Invest in 3-ways

Invest using cash, equity, or through superannuation - All our products are suitable for SMSF.

6. Diversify your risk

Digital assets give you exposure to a new asset class, a hedge against inflation and your existing investments.

What we do & How we do it

Digital asset mining explained in simple-terms

What is digital asset mining?

As Digital Asset Miners, we help facilitate thousands of transactions around the world every day. Every time someone makes a transaction, we take a small 'service fee' - very similar to that of a bank ATM. The big difference is that by doing this at scale, we're able to make 10%, 15% or up to 17.5% returns, predictably, which is then distributed to our investors.

Like a Term Deposit With 15x ROI

The easiest way to explain our packages is like a term deposit, with much better returns. Returns range between 6%-17.5% over a 2, 3, or 5 year period. Your returns are paid into your NGS account daily where you can view, withdraw or transact them at any time. At the end of your term, we refund you 100% of your initial deposit, or can roll you over into a new agreement!

NGS Group Our Story

Formed in 2013, NGS Group set out to create a product that could generate predictable, consistent returns - without risking our clients initial capital through speculation or 'hoping the market goes up'. As of 2021 NGS has 5 offices world-wide (including 2 in Australia), and 100 staff members internationally.

your success is our success

With 750+ clients all around the world, you'll be joining hundreds of Australians who are already getting involved with Digital Asset Mining. With a proven track record of never paying out a client less than 12%, we're excited about the future of our industry and our clients success.

How much can you earn?

potential comparitive earnings

(Scenario based on an Investment amount of $199,500 [AUD] over 5-Year period from 2017-2021.)

Option 1: Fixed rate returns

This product was designed to deliver clients a consistent, predictable high-yield return, that won’t be affected by market fluctuation.

Know ahead of time, exactly what you’ll earn with our minimum fixed-rate returns – which regularly outperform traditional¬† superannuation funds or property.

0 %
Annual ROI
$ 0
Annual Return
$ 0
Total Profit

Option 2: Capital growth

This product was designed to create ‘life changing’ wealth for our clients – giving them the potential to earn 100%+ on their initial capital.¬†

While carrying a higher-risk than fixed-returns, the results have been incredible…with clients making in excess of 3-5x their initial investment. Results so good, people often don’t believe us when we tell them!

0 %
Annual ROI
0 %
Total ROI
$ 0
Total Return

Hear direct from existing, happy clients

These guys are great to work with. They have a great understanding of a new way of earning a passive income. Great service and great product.
Graham R
Victoria - Member since 2018
The team at NGS has been amazing and I am very impressed with the returns
Jason D
Western Australia - Member Since 2018
Was a big sceptic at the start so only invested a small amount but I have to say the interest is unreal...
Melanie M
Western Australia - Member Since 2019
The returns on my investment are something I have not seen before in my business life, I am very excited about my future...
Ron P
Queensland - Member Since 2018
I have found NGS as a company and most importantly my account manager Daniel Coffey to have the highest integrity. The results of my investment speak highly of the value overall. I am very happy with my investment and highly recommend NGS to everyone
Athol S
Queensland - Member Since 2018

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